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Refillable Goods is a pop-up and delivery refill service that provides Berks County access to effective and ethical personal care and cleaning brands. We aim to reduce single-use plastic packaging by dispensing our products ‘on tap’. You can BYOB or purchase one of our glass jars which can be continuously reused and refilled. As the popularity and demand for ‘clean’ products increases, so do the number of brands that sneakily market with words like ‘all natural’ when in reality, they contain harmful ingredients. The lack of transparency is due to a loophole in outdated laws that prevents the FDA from requiring the cosmetic and cleaning industry to disclose the chemical concoctions in their fragrance formulations. We founded Refillable Goods because we believe that everyone deserves access to products without the unnecessary toxins. We aspire for Refillable Goods to be an encouraging voice in our community where people feel empowered to make better choices for their bodies and the planet. 


As a vegan, I am very passionate about sharing the benefits of this lifestyle. I want everyone to be able to feel the difference I felt almost immediately. Now as Latina, I grew up eating meat every day so I understand how hard it is to make such a big change. For me, It was until I learned about the negative impacts to our health and environment that I finally made the change. It sounds corny, but this lifestyle really changed my life. It has opened my eyes to all the unethical practices that are standard in all industries, not just animal agriculture. 

Naturally, this way of life has rolled over into other aspects of my life, with everything else that I consume. I strive to be conscious of how my consumer choices affect the environment. I have learned so much about the unethical practices that are standard across most industries and want to spread awareness. 


We first met in 2014 when we were employed at Best Buy. Since then we have been almost inseparable. We started refillable goods because were so tired of not being able to have access @ a local store that carries clean products without the artificial fragrances into Refillable Goods.

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